I wanted to try to make AI in Scratch, I've seen some video on how to make it so I tried to replicate it in Scratch

What it does

At first the AI doesn't know anything, but after a while you can train it to detect smiley faces

How I built it

I used the Scratch Engine to make the entire process work

Challenges I ran into

One of the main challenges I ran into this project was the fact that I couldn't use any APIs or anything like that, That meant that I had to program the entire AI to work overtime, which is why you have to train it overtime. I had to watch many videos on how Artificial Intelligence works so I could get a better idea of what I could do to make sure this AI worked perfectly

Accomplishments that I'm proud of and What I learned

I'm surprised that this was able to work in the first place, it took numerous attempts to make everything running and I was able to learn a lot about Artificial Intelligence

What's next for Smiley Face Detector for Scratch

I would try to implement cloud data in some way

Instructions on how to use

Draw either a smiley face or something else (A squiggle, a frowny face, a number, etc.). Then press "Done". It will try to predict if you have drawn a smiley face or not. If you did, press "Yes". Otherwise press "No".Wait until it's done training. The more drawings you show it, the better it will get at distinguishing smiley faces from other things. Optionally, you can press t to instantly have it trained on 100 drawings. (This makes it very accurate). Click the green flag to reset. This learns and gets better over time. Don't expect it to be perfect at first. Mistakes are a big part of learning. It should become decent after 25 drawings.

Built With

  • scratch
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