SMILEY is game inspired from LAUGHTER YOGA. The intention of SMILEY is to relieve stress and spread Happiness.

LAUGHTER YOGA(HasyaYoga) is a practice involving prolonged voluntary laughter. Laughter yoga is based on the belief that voluntary laughter provides the same physiological and psychological benefits as spontaneous laughter.

BENEFITS OF LAUGHTER YOGA Prolonged Cheerfulness and Good Mood. Exercise to reduce and avoid Stress. Better Quality of Life. Positive Attitude in difficult situations. Health Benefits.


There are 4 Levels with increasing difficulty. Along with, in every level there are 4 Bars (Stress, Laughter, Claps and Breathe). The aim is to reduce and finish the Stress bar and thereby increasing the other Bars. watch out and complete it before the time ticks down to zero.

Enjoy and laugh aloud! Keep Smiling!

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