_ Funny Flix _

Our Inspiration

  • Creating an application to express emotion as an interface!
  • Universal community access & functionality beyond the keyboard!
  • Inspiring the future development of facial recognition!

Funny Flix Functionality!

Providing a innovative solution to creating memes, playing games & even sending payments! Funny Flix is the universal input solution to enjoy facial recognition!

What It Does!

  • Payment with a smile, which includes your id (using your face), through the approval of user satisfaction for any purchase!
  • Flix your meme! Relax & browse through image gallery with a smile.
  • Gaming with a smile, using an open source Flappy Bird clone & providing a functional input platform.
  • Game with a smile! Using our input platform, play an open source version of a Flappy Bird!

How We Built It!

Abstracted the seven most influential human inputs of emotion into Microsoft's Emotion recognition service (Project Oxford). Our payment and account transaction system is integrated with Capital One API. We wrote a wrapper for both API's to allow our application function on a node.js backend to preprocess the data. Symbolically representing emotion with animation, the Ionic front-end application allowed us combine the core backend API's of Funny Flix!

Our animated memes are fetched from the meme-generator API. From the simple idea of using the smile as an input interface, we expanded our original concept (smile to pay) into three enjoyable experience!

The Challenges We Ran Into!

Integrating Project Oxford was a challenge, as this was the first time we had experienced image recognition. Additionally breaking down the webcam output into base64 images, then sending it to the backend to decode into raw binary & then requesting the output from oxford. The second challenge we faced was to expand the application across two new applications within half a day.

Accomplishments That We Are Proud Of!

Experiencing our emotion recognition software working great & successfully interacting with the Captial One banking API!

What We Learned During Our Hack@Brown 2016 Journey!

We learned many things about data type and data transaction between APIs.

What's Next for Funny Flix

Expand the Funny Flix project into daily mainstream use! A wonderful application for all across the internet to enjoy.

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