Inspiration: Our friends often shared videos with us, but it always lacked the personal touch to it. We wanted a way to share videos while also conveying the excitement / joy we felt watching the video; essentially seeing a snapshot of their reaction to a video they enjoyed, and vice versa! Not only this, but our application autolikes videos for you if you enjoyed it based on our enjoyment scale - it shares it with facebook friends, and allows others to see how different people reacted to different videos.

How it works: Videos are randomly extracted from the internet (sources such as reddit funny videos and funnyOrDie) and are displayed to the user. When the user is ready, they can hit the record your video button. Our app will highlight the video for the user for the duration of the video. Once its done, the user will have the ability to select the best thumbnail. Our app will display a quick view of their viewing experience, followed by the loading of a new video for further enjoyment! (Oh and they can share it with peeps too!)

Target Users: Video watchers! Youtubes!

Key Features: Smile detection and video tagging for accurate assessment of the funniness of a video. Sharing and auto-liking of videos you enjoy!

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