When communicating across the internet via messages, a degree of authenticity and meaning is lost. It is often hard to parse the tone or gauge the response of a written message. This is where emotion analysis projects like ours can help filter and classify online material based on how they affect our facial expression.

Using the power of Microsoft Emotions API through rapidapi, our program can measure user response to displayed images. Website hosted using Azure. Our website lets users interact with the content 100% hands free. While voice control is certainly one way of achieving results, it is difficult for machines to parse tone in meaning through voice. Additionally, some users may prefer a more private session in which case making faces at their device may be more appealing. This can also be applied to social media platforms to give users another degree of connection with their online communities.

our website is a social media platform that uses emotional response to content (determined via webcam), rather than upvotes, to aggregate and distribute user generated content. Through the use of Microsoft's emotion API and users' webcams, our website analyzes emotional response to user uploaded content so images users react to the most can reach the most people

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