Colorful Smile

I really enjoyed learning about Machine Learning and how automation makes everything better! Along with this, I was learning about Cloud computing. I thought of using cloud features and building a ML model. I studied about API's, how one can use them in their project. I used the face API from Microsoft Azure Cognitive Service and wrote the code in Python. I created 3 different files. First detects the person's face and displays a rectangle around it along with the emotion, gender and approximate age and name. Initially, name will be "unknown". Second one is used to train the model to identify person's name by giving it the appropriate data about the person. It then assigns an ID to the person to predict ones name. Third is the main part which uses OpenCV and captures your video in real time from your web cam. If the model is trained to identify your name, it will convert the black and white video running to color when you smile.

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