It is scientifically proven that physically smiling makes you feel better mentally. Smile Queue aims to bring people together and demonstrates that one smile can lead to many.

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The Features

Grab a friend or two and say hello to Smile Queue. There are several modes which are guaranteed to improve the group's happiness as a whole:


Everybody must smile as hard as they can and Smile Queue will select the happiest looking person as the winner.


Take a selfie with your friend and see who laughs harder at Smile Queue's result.


Promote awareness for mental health by instantly growing a moustache with your friends.


Show that you support all things green with this feature.

How it works

We used Microsoft Cognitive Services to locate faces in images and get data about their emotion. Through the use of Sinatra, we implemented features based off of this data on the Facebook Messenger Bot Platform. We used the Processing language for all of the necessary image manipulation on the backend.

Smile Queue has not been published yet but come try it out at the demo!

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