Especially in this period, everyone wears masks to protect themselves but we do not see if people are in a good mood. So I thought about how to allow instagram users to show in Story or in their Reels that they are happy. This idea of adding facial features and a smile came right away

I am used to conceiving much more complicated effects in terms of mechanics and realization on Spark AR. "Smile" is over the effect that asked me the least thought in its implementation because it is very basic.

the challenge here is that the idea came to me while the deformation was still forbidden by instagram. So I was happy to learn that the deformation would be accepted again at the same time as the launch of Reels

my accomplishment on this effect is that the filter works very well, the community is very receptive to it. In just 1 week he made more than 300K impressions. Marcell Darwin an Indonesian actor followed by more than a million people on instagram also served the filter several times in the first days

I learned that it is not necessarily the most complicated filters to make that will appeal the most to the community.

the following is a massive use of my filter in the world I hope! I have the ambition to want to give a smile to everyone

Built With

  • ar
  • patch
  • patcheditor
  • sparkar
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