There are two main sources of inspiration for this project. First, the sake to spread happiness and to kill depression in our world. Depression can kill nations and can affect their productivity. People need something new that will help them feel more positive. Building a world effect filter which can be accessed easily can help make some people feel more positive. Finally, the inspiration behind the effect itself is the principle of image processing. Everything in our world can be represented with coordinates and values. From there we decided to make this directory effect.

What it does

It start with greeting in the front camera view with body segmentation and change the background. There will be a message asking the user to flip the camera. When the user flip the camera, he will see a message and 3D effects. The message will ask the user to turn the camera right and then another message will appear. it will keep doing this then will ask the user to turn up and end the effect with a nice words.

How I built it

It was built using Spark AR, Adobe and JavaScript. The first step was to customize the icons, backgrounds, and sketch the desired output. We tried many script and searched for a way to include some of the users happy moments/posts, but it was impossible. After many tries and revisions, the final project was completely done in spark AR without using any scripts.

Challenges I ran into

I am new to Spark AR and it was hard to implement our idea.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Publishing my first filter with Spark AR and help spread happiness and positive energy around the world.

What I learned

Spark AR is easy to use, and anyone can design a simple filter and publish it in minutes. Also, JavaScript is amazing and it can help build nice mini games in Spark AR.

What's next for We Love You

Adding trigger like press me. Find a way to include the user happy moments and customize a unique experience that is filled with positives.

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