Currently it's hard to detect stroke without going to hospital. We want to develop a new method which enables people to detect stroke simply using a mobile app.

What it does

This app detects whether you have stroke by analyzing your smile and the fact that stroke patient ususally has his/her mouth droop to one side. It essentially draws two lines, one between your eyes and the another between the left and right edges of your mouth. If the slopes of the two lines differ more than a threshold, it concludes that your mouth droops to one side and you are under risk of having a stroke.

How I built it

Xcode 7+ iOS 9 + Swift 2

Challenges I ran into

Face detection and mouth drooping angle.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

A fully working app within two days

What I learned

Team spirit!!!

What's next for Smile

More precise detection, more alert signs better user interfaces etc

Built With

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