When I wanted to mod a game I loved, I found that they had their own language called SourcePawn, and a cute little compiler executable, with no IDE... So I made my own. In the process of making it, I realized just how versatile it could be, and geared it towards being an IDE that could be used with any language.

What it does

It provides an easy to use coding environment with all the regular features. It has syntax highlighting, code folding, find and replace with regex support, autocomplete and auto indent and many more. It differs in that all of its features are made to be easily scalable and versatile.

How I built it

I used C# and a library called FastColoredTextBox, which is highly versatile in of itself, and hacked out one feature, and then another, until I had all the basics out, then I formalized it, making it modular and easy to adapt.

Challenges I ran into

Being uninformed, i first tried to first use a standard RichtextBox, before realizing just how inept it was, and did some research. Regex was also a big challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of making an IDE which contains these advanced features, when I have never made an IDE before. Getting each feature accomplished gave me pride and spurred me forward!

What I learned

A nice way to approach coding is to hack something out as quickly as possible so you have something tangible to work with. After that, you can play around with it as the code formalises, making it neat and powerful, while giving you something you can test ideas out on without having to wait or create another project. I also learned a tad of regex... uggg.....

What's next for Smide

Smide has many features planned for it, such as autocomplete that changes its suggestions dynamically based on the keywords that are most used(among other things), and a profile maker which keeps track of each compiler executable and the syntax highlighting that the user set up for it.

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