I think that cashflow is a basic business concept that a lot of new small business owners don't understand or realize the importance of until it's too late.

I specifically wanted to address basic cashflow management for small businesses with less than $500,000 in receipts annually. My target user is a small business owner who has an expertise (for example, a chef) and is branching out to open their own business after years of working for someone else. I want to provide them an easy educational tool for understanding how cashflow works. I specifically didn't want to become a new accounting package or a new CRM software or reinvent any other wheel.

The process to use the application is to create a business with an initial bank balance and then submit regular expenses and then see the impact of those expenses. The graph view shows from today through the next 30 days. Your estimated bank balance and runway from today are always displayed. The editing transaction features allows the small business owner to easily experiment with how changes in disbursements and receipts impact their cashflow. I specifically stayed away from accounting language like 'debits' and 'credits' and instead used easy-to-understand language like "Money Going Out".

The feature I am most proud of is the recurring payment schedules. This feature prevents a lot of tedious data entry.

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