A guessing game bursting with realism and surprise, Smash Your Food™ lets children see and hear foods like a milkshake, or a burger, explode - while learning how much sugar, salt and oil their favorite foods are hiding!

Informed children make healthier food choices. Smash Your Food™ reveals the amounts of sugar, salt, and oil in 10 foods 'commonly abused' by American children that contribute to excessive calorie consumption and obesity.

Smash Your Food™ creates lasting impressions with vivid sound and video effects. First, children pick a food from a scrollable menu, including everything from chips to soda. Before the big, gooey - yet so satisfying - payoff of pulling the “smash lever,” children guess how much sugar, salt and oil are in that food.

The pre-smash guessing component of Smash Your Food™ encourages children to read labels in attempts to answer correctly.  It works because it connects them to reality. Then they can compare their guesses to the results as sugar, salt and oil fall from the “smasher” with a “plink”, “tchh-tchh”, or “glop” into measuring cups.  Lastly, a chart illustrates the difference between what someone of their gender, age and activity level needs in a meal and what they are actually getting.

Smash Your Food™ provides talking points for parents when encouraging their child to eat more healthily, for instance, a parent might ask, "If we put this food in the Smash Your Food™ machine what do you think would come out?" or "Remember how much sugar was in a milkshake? Maybe you should have juice with your burger."

Smash Your Food™ is part of the Food N' Me family and is a compelling, fun way for children to get important health information while having a blast - and best of all, there’s no mess to cleanup!

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