A modern version of Beer pong. It is also great to have the ability to recreate such a common game on a mobile device.

What it does

The game itself works very similarly to the Beer Pong games a lot of people have come to know. The objective is to hit the phone with the ball before the opponent team hits your phone.

How I built it

The game was built as an overarching web app, in order to be compatible with almost every electronic device that has a screen and a gyroscope. That being said the web app is basically all in html and javascript. We made html pages that great you and give the app a more "gamy" type of look, as well enabled us to retrieve our gyroscope information. Once we had all the acceleration information it was just time to save that information on a database and allow other phones to interact with the game session.

Challenges I ran into

One of the biggest challenges we had was actually getting the ball to register. In the beginning we were trying aluminum foil but with no success. We were about to give up, when Carlos came up with the idea of just using the gyroscope to detect any movements on the phone itself.

Another issue that greatly impacted our progress was the retrieving the actual gyroscope information, since using javascript to retrieve values that should be much more central to native apps seemed out of reach. However it was not out of reach but actually just required a good implementation.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Overall just being able to execute something at last minute and putting the other projects in mind to the side and then coming back and creating something which we all thing is amazing and different is definitely something we should be proud of.

What I learned

Never Give Up

What's next for Smash Pong!

Possibly create native apps for each phone that will allow for much more customization and a much more accurate data.

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