Our Grandmother lives alone and is 100% offline. We do not live nearby so, to support her we try to visit her in the weekends and clarify issues for her via the Internet and Phone for her.

She is a really smart women and totally capable of taking care of herself, just her body is getting slower and with Parkinson also using devices gets more and more difficult.

So we want to bring some of the convenience we have in our lives thanks to the digital world to her. She usually feels bad asking others for help, as she wants to be the independent women she has always been.

What it does

Smarty uses stored data to build a personalized Internet profile for grandma, so that she can also participate in online shopping, e-banking and social networking without any High-tech devices. “Smarty” uses its built-in voice recognition and search capacity to understand grandmother ‘s problems and actively looking for solutions.

In addition, Smarty can use all collected data to remind grandmother if some daily tasks should be done, such as taking pills or make a doctor appointment.

How we built it

Code...Run...Test…Eat… (sleep is not in the list :-) )

Collaboration of UX, Business and two Fullstack Developers.

Challenges we ran into

  • We are not native English speakers, which could be a challenge for Alexa to understand us.
  • The envisioned use cases are futuristic, we have to constantly ask ourselves whether the visions are technically feasible so that prototypes don’t exist only in a sci-fi movie.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It works!!!

What we learned

Teamwork rocks!

Once we find out how the technology works, we can really abuse it ;-)

What's next for Smarty

Ask Alexa :-)

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