I like JIRA notifications. It's nice to get notified when there is more information on an Issue, or when it's resolved, or when somebody starts working on an issue I need a resolution for.

But JIRA gives you far too many notifications. Lots of changes are pretty uninteresting. Your mailbox fills quickly. And the notification scheme is not at all flexible and pretty hidden for the user.

What it does

Smartwatch puts the user in control of notifications. For an issue you want to watch you can select a rule that filters out the changes you are interested in and only sends notifications for those.

How I built it

Trail and error... Hard work

Challenges I ran into

Learning Spring (or at least parts of it). Tutorials that where not up to date. Looong restart times for my dev environment (but at least that gives you plenty of time to think). And probably a too slow laptop for this.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

That I got it working...

What I learned

A lot about JIRA. And about Spring, Active Objects.

What's next for Smartwatch for JIRA

New version is out now, with auto watch support for auto watch on projects and issue types and plans for the future include external watchers, group watchers, custom email headers and improvements for enterprise users.

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