Applications & APIs that simplify the user's day to day activities, streamline their performance and enable better productivity. A lot can be done with Vinli's API that gives us valuable information about the user's automobile, while APIs like Weather Underground and Outlook's calendar API serve as providers for user's day to day activities. Esri's ArcGIS platform remains one of the top players in the domain of GIS. On top of that we also wanted to work with something that will help us validate our deployment. To give a facelift for our application we choose something cool for hosting like .club

What it does

This Application improves the user's automobile experience by enabling direct notifications of calendar events and translate them to routes navigating to the user's destination while providing quick and yet, in-depth peek at the car's dashboard of the car and road weather condition.

Gives you more vital information about your automobile than its dashboard. Enables you to route places without on the fly. Provides navigation with one of the best navigation service providers. Gives you details about your travel like the automobile condition the roadside weather conditions, and picks everything up from your calendar. We are also allowing the users to get the best information about the gas stations around him/her based on automobile condition.

Our App enables Esri's navigation through the events on the Outlook's calendar API. Gives you intrinsic information about your ride and natural obstacles while providing the user capability to save and retrive information about their previous rides. We're not just making an app, we're innovating the way users look at their cars.

We're making an Application that embeds itself into the day to day life of the user enabling them to simplfy their journeys in life.

How I built it

AFNetworking through cocoa pods helped us simplify the service calls. We're planning on fully building our app around a full fledged integration of Vinli's mutli-nation hardware distribution channel when we ship. We're also mocking and integrating the Microsoft's Outlook Calendar API. We're using Weather Underground's HTTP GET request to give useful weather updates through the user's route.

Challenges I ran into

Integrating the Vinli API and working with their simulator was one challenge as the simulator enacted a real time deriver software integration a bit challenging. auto mobile tracker. We ran into some Xcode configuration problems of the Vinli's cocoa pods. We also had some issues consuming the Outlook's REST API

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Fully integrating the Weather API and enabling some components of Esri's ArcGIS.

What I learned

Scoping and planning correctly during the beginning and exploring the documentations preemptively maybe higly impactful.

What's next for SmartWagon


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