Modern technologies like 3D TVs and Virtual Reality are becoming more prevalent, and we're thirsty for more dimensions. Cool visuals are simply not enough, which is why we created SmarTV. SmarTV allows long-distance friends to watch shows together. By connecting to smart home systems through Smart Things, SmarTV modifies the ambient conditions of the home to create a fully immersive experience by simulating the conditions of the video in the home.

Introducing the new dimensions to your TV:

  • Dimension 3 -- Mood Lighting: A Philips Hue bulb matches the coloring of a scene, reflecting the mood of a scene in real life with hue lighting.
  • Dimension 4 -- Temperature Simulation: A Nest thermostat simulates the intended temperature of a scene based on a warmness/coolness score based on our color analysis algorithm.
  • Dimension 5 -- Love: Movie Interstellar claims that love is the 5th dimension -- timeless. This is why we incorporated love into SmarTV. With our facial tracking and detection algorithm, you can view your family, special one, or friends' reaction to a particular scene right on your SmarTV, tunneling through time and space to connect people.
  • Dimension 6 -- Feel: Who needs a remote when you can control a TV with gestures. We understand, no one want to reach for a remote when watching a movie. We incorporated Leap Motion gesture controls for basic functionalities such as play, pause, rewind, forward, etc.

Let's say you're watching Frozen. As the scenes change to the icy kingdom, SmarTV controls your Phillips Hue lights to match the cool blue of the Frozen scenery, and your Nest thermostat to adjust the temperature to a chilly 60. Best of all, you can watch with a friend from anywhere in the world as if you were in the same room! A camera monitors your expressions and whenever you change your expressions, your friend will be able to watch your reaction in a corner of the screen in real time! And when you get tired of an episode and want to fast-forward, a simple gesture with the Leap Motion lets you control your entire movie-watching experience!

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