We first arrived in college and had varying degrees of success dealing with the new college environment. Our biggest adjustment was finding a good way to manage our schedules. We asked our classmates how long it took for them to complete daily tasks, such as completing their homework. As this routine happened on an almost weekly basis, we decided to create an application to help streamline our weekly schedules.

What it does is an application that integrates crowdsourcing with a weekly planner. The application allows users to schedule their week online. The users are able to become better informed of how long each activity that they plan to do takes, pulling averages from thousands of other user submitted data.

How I built it

We used node.js and express.js to set up a server. From there, we created the database using MongoDB, and powered the backend using javascript. We developed the frontend using Jade, HTML, and CSS.

The Future

We plan on expanding the userbase of by sharing through friends within our school. We plan on continuing to add additional features, including an auto-routing feature to find the most efficient way to get everything done planned for the week.

Setup Guide

Copy files from dropbox and cd into the manageme folder. From there, run the command 'npm start' in the terminal of your choice and then you can access the site from localhost:3000 in your web browser.

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