HackTech was super cold for a lot of us hackers. But we also thought about our home bills for air conditioning, and it sometimes is much higher than we expected. So we felt that a smart thermostat was a great way to save money and save the environment since we're re-using, reducing, and recycling old technology and making them useful again.

What it does

This is a inexpensive smart thermostat, using any old smart phone device. We help control the temperature through the old phone, and the smart thermostat will be able to know when to cool down or heat up the household depending on your preference and location. The thermostat can also communicate with smartwatches and web browsers.

How we built it

LOUIS USED HIS AMAZING CODING POWOW. We used an Arduino and the temperature sensor, and programmed it in C. We also used Node.js for the web server and Java for the Android development.

Challenges we ran into

We were stuck on part of our Arduino due to syntax. Since many of us have little to no experience with C, we couldn't fully understand where and when we had problems. Also, we didn't have a debugging tool for the Arduino.

We also ran into connection problems, where the connection between our smart thermostat and our commanding devices would randomly drop.

Also, basically all the team members had homework and school projects to finish, so hacking process was delayed. :P

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to get the Arduino to work and the connection to work. The UI is nice and simple, and we can turn on and off the temperature. :D

What we learned

We learned how to start programming in Arduino, web servers, and that we should finish our homework and school projects earlier..

What's next for Eyrie

We plan to also implement features such as sleeping, where the entire system is also connected to your smart watch. As you do certain activities such as exercising or sleeping, the smart thermostat will change accordingly. Perfect algorithm for when there are multiple people in the house, and what the optimal temperature for everyone would be at the moment. Also we plan on implementing a security camera/home monitoring system so people can see what's going on at home through the lens of the smartphone camera. This, in addition to a two-way speaker system, will ensure that any family's kids are safe and sound at home (as well as warm and cozy!).

Built With

  • banana
  • boba
  • soylent
  • yummy-food
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