All of us are in high school, and especially in first period, half the class is late! We notice that in the middle of a lecture every thirty seconds someone walks in and this interrupts the teacher. We have used technology to make the process of someone getting marked tardy effortless- after every class period the teacher is emailed a csv file with all the students who were late. Our app also has the capability to integrate with schoolloop, Google Classroom, and InfiniteCampus.

What it does

A teacher can view how far away his or her students are easily by the click of a button. The teacher can even see how far away they are and whether they are at home or actively ditching class. The app can connect to various commercial school attendance tracking APIs.

How we built it

Our app is more of a service. With more and more schools providing electronic devices to students, our app is another application for those devices. We have node.js servers running on the laptops/phones/tablets of the students which sense beacons. When the beacon is sensed, the student is inside the classroom. We have a main node.js server hosted on heroku that handles our database. We have a web app frontend and used for a live-streaming graph.

Challenges we ran into

We had problems with the .tech domain name activating. Because our graph was continually sending too many requests, we kept on getting blocked from heroku until the next hour. The Onyx Beacons weren't very accurate so we had to use two and average everything.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Everything worked at the end- our tech domain name worked, and heroku server worked.

What we learned

We learned that domain names should be done in advance because they take 24 hours to activate. We also learned better practices on making live data streams and heroku.

What's next for SmartTardy

We plan to release native apps and connect with more attendance services. We think with every high schooler having a phone, this can be the future.

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