Imagine all you have to do is prepare the basic ingredient and go into your room to study while monitoring the cooking process on your phone. The SmartStove can also make the cooking procedures more precise and accurate

What it does

Smart Stove is a cooking ware designed to reduce user engagement in the cooking process. With various sensors that measure temperature, distance, and live camera feed, it would transmit live information to the user's app while the food is in the cooking process. It allows the user to add and edit recipes, set times until the food is cooked, and also add ingredients while they are not present at home.

How we built it

Software: We mainly used git for collaboration and to develop the details of the phone application. The language we worked with was React Native.

Challenges we ran into

  • We had issues integrating Arduino and Particle Photon board with the Microsoft IoT DevKit. We had issues locating the database and accessing collected data

  • initially tried the dragon board and could not get it to work because the device (monitor) we were using was not compatible with the 410 board.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to get our Microsoft Azure set up and Dragon Board hooked up which we are most proud of although we didn't end up using Dragon Board in our project. It was in all a unique and educating experience and I am glad I got to learn more about IoT through this event.

What we learned

Through this hackathon, I really got a better understanding of what IoT is and in the near future, when I get to work on a project with IoT, I would have a better approach to the project. I also got to know about a lot of platforms I could easily approach as a beginning, which I think is a great way for students who are beginning to learn about this field.

What's next for SmartStove

  • More iterations will have to be done since the product is not put into a whole piece yet
  • We still need to finalize the methods to access database
  • We are enhancing the quality, usability, and appearance of the SmartStove to hope that it wil attract a great amount of customers

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