What it does

Think of a payment processing service that keeps track of what items you buy & categorizes them into bad & good spendings (e.g. cigarettes = bad, Juice = good).

SmartSpend can then use all of this data to tell you how much money you could've made had you invested those bad spendings into a specific stock of your choosing.

It then can show you a visualization of what percentage of your spendings aren't really necessary!

How we built it

Built Using


We all want to save, but that doesn't just make us do it. We sometimes need so see a dollar value as proof of how much we could've had if we'd saved.

Financial companies right now do not really take many efforts towards social good, but the goal of SmartSpend is to make you a better spender :)

Challenges we ran into

  • Apple Pay Setup
  • Wiring AI to the chat conversation
  • Obtaining stock values & history

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud that we've been able to setup multiple Docker containers running our Front-end, APIs and AI Engine, all thanks to Cycle.io!

What we learned

  • Async iOS UI Implementations
  • iOS in-app Performance
  • Docker
  • IBM Bluemix

What's next for SmartSpend

SmartSpend can easily be put into a solution like Intuit Mint. We will get in touch with them to make people's lives better with this software.

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