Water is simple, right? Water is the most important part of our lives that most of us don't think about very much. Proper water consumption is one of the most important factors of daily healthy and we believe that there are many ways that the simple task of drinking water can be improved.

What it does

SmartSip takes your water bottle to the next level. Using smart sensors, SmartSip tracks water usage as well as gives the user temperature data. SmartSip will even make a sound if your beverage is too hot, and let you know when it is safe to drink!

How we built it

The hardware includes an arduino micro-controller, ultrasonic sensor, temperature sensor, a buzzer, and a Bluetooth module. The lid that holds the components and sensors is 3D Printed and lies on top of a 16oz cup.

Challenges we ran into

Adding functionality to SmartSip through features such as water fountain maps, water intake suggestions based on Google Fit data, GPS tracking and, lost water bottle buzzer were our main goals during the start of this project but we were highly limited due to time constraints. As none of our team members have experience in android development SmartSip met many large challenges through the weekend such as accurately calculating water volume in a cup shape by only knowing its distance from the top of the lid. Managing to send data to a Firebase server was another problem that we encountered that we pushed through.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we were able to learn android development over the past 30+ hours and create an application that reproduces the sensory information that the arduino micro-controller sent through bluetooth. Using firebase, we created email account authentication for SmartSip that then pairs to the smart water bottle via bluetooth.

What we learned

We each learned a lot in developing SmartSip since we came into this weekend without much experience with both the software and hardware tasks. We collectively learned android development, Firebase, arduino micro-controllers, bluetooth connections, and audio and temperature sensors.

What's next for SmartSip

Due to the challenges we ran into, we were set back in our project timeline and were not able to complete all the functionality that we had initially designed for SmartSip. One of these features included integrating google map platform for users to locate water fountain and refill stations as well as add these stations using their real-time location.

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