Showering personally affects all four of us working on this project, and millions of other people worldwide. Our project, by conserving water, and giving people a more efficient way of showering, helps:

  • the environment
  • keep people comfortable
  • save money

How it works

By using a bracket and motor to control the tap, a microprocessor and temperature sensor to process the temperature and other data and a phone app for the user to control it all, our tech automatically sets and maintains the perfect temperature.

Challenges I ran into

Our original temperature sensor did not function for no apparent reason, all wiring and code was checked by multiple people, yet the root of the cause was not found. This problem was solved by obtaining a different temperature sensor and by using different code.

It was also very difficult to find the resources and tools to properly construct the hardware required for our hack. All hardware was constructed manually (except for the 3d-printed piece), and thus took an extensive amount of time. We overcame this problem by finding the simplest solutions to lessen our workload, such as drilling smaller holes, rather than larger, more aesthetic holes.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Before this project, we didn't know very much about Android, didn't know how to use Intel Edison, and basically went in fresh. We overcame everything through hard work, and help from mentors.

What I learned

Android development, Android/Intel Edison file management, integrating Github into Android Studio, Intel Edison code, and working with temperature sensors.

What's next for SmartShower

Waterproofing the device, adding more functionality for the app, improving the overall aesthetics of the device.

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