Facebook Marketplace has tons of products, well categorized but the user has to go through a lot of products and involves a lot of time to get the one that matches their taste & purchase criteria and even after finding the product they are unsure on the product experience

What it does is an AI assistant powered by Augmented reality that helps you find products you are looking for by by simply answering few questions to our AI messenger chatbot and get recommendations based on your purchase requirements & creates an augmented reality experience of the product at your living room or wherever u want to place it to give u a much more realistic experience of the product so that you can make quick & informed shopping decisions

How we built it

We built a Node.js app integrating with the Facebook messenger platform to interact with the customer needs using machine learning NLP engine developed in python (in the backend), get products from the Marketplace/or any third party vendor. We also developed an augmented reality version of the product developed using Spark AR

Challenges we ran into

  1. To understand/ integrate facebook messenger and spark AR to create the AR experience
  2. Use of Machine learning NLP to understand user needs in a real-time conversation

Accomplishments that we're proud of

1.Building our first AR product 2.intergating Machine learning and Augmented reality in our app

What we learned

How ro use FB messenger platform & Spark AR

What's next for

Integrate will FB marketplace to see how real users use it.

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