One day I see my blind neighbor who I have been helping for over 10 years as his vision sadly deteriorated over the years. After seeing him struggle with daily life tasks and talking to him I decided to make something that would help him find his way back home.

How it works

Due to lack of sensors and other equipments, we were not able to make a hardware hack for the shoe and therefore we decided to strap a phone to it to fulfill a smart shoe chip's functionality. We developed an app client, a shoeside client and also a server to transfer data. We generate direction information from Apple Maps Kit and translate them into haptic vibration to help people find their way.

Challenges I ran into

We had troubles converting the Apple protocol into our own haptic vibrational protocol and eventually solved it by reading through levels of Swift documentations to finally figure out the right functions to use.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I learnt how to do iOS development from scratch to a decent-looking and functional iOS app.

What I learned

Swift, Ionic

What's next for SmartShoe

We will develop the actual hardware for SmartShoe and enhance our software experience through new features such as motion sensor.

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