This project is all about accessibility. We aim to alleviate the stresses of driving in downtown Toronto by increasing access to transportation while decreasing the number of cars actively on the road.

What it does

SmartShare allows users to access cars made available in parking lots throughout the city. Cars may be booked by a web app, which features a geolocation service to facilitate stuff.

How we built it

The webapp is built on a React/Redux frontend with a Node/Firebase backend, with requests forwarded and managed by stdlib.

The voice app is built in AWS lambda.

Challenges we ran into

Building the Alexa skill was rather challenging, since Alexa skills are predominantly built within a UI. Stdlib's learning curve is also rather steep. One specific issue we had with it was figuring out how to deal with HTTP requests.

What we learned

How to deploy an Alexa skill!

What's next for SmartShare

We aim to make SmartShare as scalable as possible by continuously providing new features and having accessible customer support.

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