The average North American car owner drives their car just 46 minutes a day. Meanwhile those without the privilege of a car often have limited options for traveling to work, school, and other activities, or for getting there safely. [1]

SmartShare connects these community members. We solve the problem of those with underused vehicles by connecting those who need a ride with those who would otherwise not have an opportunity to use and facilitating simple car-transferring using near-field communication (NFC) technology. Our product offers a secure and easy way for neighbors to share vehicles within their community. We're Airbnb for cars.

We built SmartShare to utilize a few new technologies. First, an in-vehicle app we built using GM's APIs on SDKs allows car-owners to signal to their neighbors that they would like to share their car by pushing their GPS location. This GPS location is received by a Flask server we built and hosted on Linode. At the same time, our Android app allows car-borrowers to locate and cars near them. Access to cars is granted to approved car-borrowers using NFC technology, enabling them to enter their borrowed car with a mere tap of their phones on our NFC signal receivers.

Imagine driving your vehicle to work. Without SmartShare, your vehicle would most likely sit unused for the majority of the day. With SmartShare, the vehicle can help provide many with safe, efficient, and reliable transit.

Welcome to the future of smarter, shared mobility.

[1] Triplett, Tim, Robert Santos, and Sandra Rosenbloom. "American Driving Survey: Methodology and Year One Results, May 2013–May 2014." (2015).

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