Seat-cusomter interaction at businesses can reveal insight into important parameters such as customer preferences for certain seating spots at certain time for certain environmental and demographic contexts.

We make a mock connected seat that reports its occupancy characteristics to an online SmartSeat analytics app. SmartSeat displays the seat occupancy and heuristics. It can help business owners in optimizing business strategies such as optimize seating and menu options, per time, location, events, and demographics., and also help advertise available spots to customers possessing matching traits.


Customers want to know how long is the queue and how many seats are available at a business such as a bar or a restaurant or a barber shop. Business owners want to know what are customer's seating preferences and occupancy durations, as a function of time, location, nearby events, and customer biometrics and behaviors.


Businesses that use seats for customers, workers, and operators. Examples include restaurants, cinemas, stadiums, trains, cruise chips etc.

Key Features:

Detection of seat occupancy using off the shelf hardware include a 14-axis sensor stack. Seat occupancy and customer metrics analytics. Hardware-secured cloud access from anywhere.

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