Finding the healthy and appropriate food while you are sick has always been cumbersome. We always end up eating the wrong type of food even with the proper prescription.

What it does

smartScrip is a prescription analyzer app which analyzes the prescription provided by doctor and provides the appropriate food items as a result which can be ordered online

How we built it

We used google cloud platform's vision API along with the vegmans API starter kit. The whole app is developed in Android

Challenges we ran into

Linking the data from one API to another was a little bit challenging.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Data retrieval and linkage between third party APIs was a big accomplishment along with the app logic and algorithm.

What we learned

Learned the working and utilization of google's vison api along with the token based authentication in wegmans api.

What's next for smartScrip - Prescription Analyser

We would like to create a mainstream app which detects the prescription more accurately and provides the food products which can be purchased directly from the app.

Built With

  • android
  • google-cloud-vision-api
  • vegmans-api
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