Safety is a critical issue in the mining and construction industries. Recognizing life-threatening hazards and properly responding to them is crucial to maintaining worker safety. However, due to limited formal training, and in most cases, no refresher training sessions, lost-time accidents and deaths continue to plague these industries. The Epson Moverio Smart Glasses can be used to prevent these accidents. By developing an app that recognizes common hazards (e.g., slippery surfaces, tripping dangers, unstable platforms), workers can be warned of the hazards in advance and provided instructions on how to circumvent them. The Moverio’s front-facing camera and advanced computer vision techniques will be used to recognize hazards. A database of correct actions to take will be cross-referenced based on the identified hazard. This database will be stored in the Cloud to allow correct actions to be updated based on the most current safety standards. Hazards will first be visually highlighted to workers by augmenting their appearance with the Moverio’s see-through displays. Workers will dismiss these highlights by waving their hand in front of the Moverio’s motion tracker. A popup textbox with the correct action to take will then appear on the screen. After reading the message, another wave will dismiss the textbox in order for the worker to pay attention to the hazard. This app is expected to significantly decrease accidents due to hazards in both the mining and construction industries.

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