As students we face trouble in studying, especially with long complicated notes full of words we dont understand. Which is why we created this webapp that automatically find those keywords for you and also share links of the definition. We also missed learning through talking and reciting and we are both auditory learner, which is the inspiration for our second feature recite it!

What it does

Smartrizer is a web app that transforms the way you review notes. It has two main features. A smart summarizer, where it will summarize your notes to only important words and also provides keywords. We then provide a wikipedia page, a youtube video, and multiple other links related to the keyword, to streamline your learning process.

Some people also learn better through audio and reciting. We created a feature ReciteIt where a bot will split up your notes into manageable chunks and then read it out. After that you must recite it! This can help you memorize notes quickly.

How we built it

HTML: We used HTML for the semantics of the web app.

CSS: We used CSS for styling the web app.

JS: We used JavaScript for the text-to-speech and speech-to-text recognition features.

NLP: We used Natural Language Processing for generating a summary of whatever text the user inputs.

Flask/Python: We built our whole Web App using the Flask framework.

Tensorflow: We used Tensorflow to analyze keywords

Wikipedia, google, and youtube API: We used theses APIs to access links regarding to the keywords and materials.

Challenges we ran into

We had a hard time writing the proper analyzation for keywords and also we went into some trouble on deploying flask as we have limited experience on it. So we are really proud of the final project!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud that we successfully made a webapp that personally help us and is usable!

What we learned

We had both never used the Flask framework before. However, while building this web app we learned exactly how we can utilize it.

What's next for Smartrizer

We would add more features, such as interactive quizzes and an automatic-quiz question generator. Furthermore, we would also improve the UI.

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