The fact that we are too lazy to sort our waste.

What it does

It uses IBM's Watson AI to sort garbage with respect to the following criteria: Cardboard/paper Plastic/Metal Glass Trash

How we built it

Material used for the prototyping : Cardboard, Styrofoam Hardware : A Raspberry Pi, A camera, Servo Motors, Breadboard Programming : IBM Watson Visual Recognition API, Python

We started by setting up the API and training it to recognize the different materials. Then we wrote the Python Code and started building the Cardboard Prototype of the SmartTrash. When all of that was done, we just wrote the Raspberry Pi Program for controlling the servo motors and the camera.

Challenges we ran into

Choose this project after first failed attempt at programming a VR Set using Unity. API is not sponsored --lost data at 5 in the morning Programming the servo motors --> we had no idea how to

Accomplishments that we're proud of

EVERYTHING We managed to build the prototype of the inside of the Trash Can. We learnt how to use an API, to work in team and to work more than we sleep!

What we learned

Python, IBM Watson, Raspberry Pi, Json files, Reading txt files. We learned that the first idea is not always the last.

What's next for SmarTrash

Bigger data set, a more polished look, more sensors --> detection uses more than the camera (i.e soundwave etc).

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