Many non-profit organizations are hobbled by entrenched fundraising challenges that include finding the money to accomplish their mission, strategic planning/setting priorities, managing donor and founder expectations, building trust, and ensuring donors that their money will reach effective charity organizations.

The wealth of cryptocurrency holders continues to rise. Wealth brings opportunities and obligations. SmartRaise is a platform for acts of charity, funding worthy organizations and simplifying tax record keeping.

What it does

On the SmartRaise platform: Any organization can raise funds from the global market of cryptocurrency holders. Donors receive ERC721 tokens, called Eleos 721 charitable certificates, to assist in tax record-keeping.

How we built it

Donors and Organizations interact with SmartRaise by sending or receiving ETH from smart contracts. Some use data is necessarily stored on a SQLite database, but we used IPFS as much as we could.

Challenges we ran into

After testing out some centralized databases, we implemented IPFS to store assets, and wished we had begun with IPFS as a foundation.

Frontend-backend integration was a challenge as none of the four team members is experienced with Javascript, especially React, the recommended web framework to integrate with Truffle, the Ethereum development framework. Ethereum developing tools still need development. Smart contract testing was much slower and more confusing than it needs to be.

We were privileged to attend the NEO demo, and would have loved to spend more time to fully implement SmartRaise on NEO.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We implemented the MVP of our concept. It was a team effort. All of us are much stronger technically after pushing ourselves at the MIT Bitcoin Expo Hackathon.

What we learned

We learned how to work effectively as a team in a competitive environment, leveraging our individual skills and collectively bridging the gaps. On the technical side, we got a deep dive into Ethereum development, IPFS, and NEO.

What's next for SmartRaise

Product and market testing. We hope to serve real non-profit organizations and handle real-money donations. Building on the MVP, we would like to provide Donors with optional anonymity while maintaining compliance with KYC/AML regulation.

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