We know that traditional sports analytics are pretty triggering-- they’re reactive, not corrective. Mere analysis of improvement after a workout is nowhere near as effective as a device that measures and actively improves your stroke in realtime, so we made one.

What it does

The Stroke of Genius provides both analytics and realtime correctional assistance. With cameras and sensors embedded into the paddle, data mapping the speed, orientation, and position of a user’s wrists are processed in a constant stream. Motors on the edges of the paddle vibrate in reaction to incorrect form, modifying angle of swing and gently correcting the user’s orientation. Within the IMU, a gyroscope and accelerometer track stability and fluidity of movement, lightly vibrating the motors when jerkiness passes a certain threshold.

How we built it

We designed and 3D printed a custom paddle design with ridges for embedded sensors and a hollow handle for any wires. With the Teensy Arduino, we embedded six vibrational motors on the sides and top of the paddle and mounted a PS3-eye camera to the back. We also used an IMD for its gyroscope and accelerometer.

Built With

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