we saw both teachers and students struggling in progressing and learning by self-motivation because there is not an effective and exciting way of self-assessment, that is when we decided to create an automatic, ** self-assessment** tool for teachers and students.

What it does

SmartQuiz helps teachers and students to generate quizzes automatically from text and Images!. currently, supported features of the applications are:

  • Sign Up/Login Powerd by Google > Use your Google account for easier safer Authentication.
  • Generate quizzes from Wikipedia > Simply paste a Wikipedia article URL and a smart quiz will do the rest!
  • Generate quizzes from Image > Capture a paragraph using your phone, you will get quizzes from it.

How we built it

Powered by Artificial Intelligence specifical a subfield called Natural language processing, we can analyze the user input and use negation, and sentiment analysis techniques to deliver the questions. we used an image processing technique called Optical character recognition to extract text data from images. Built the application using javascript and Npl-compromise language library, used Firestore database to store user-related data. I worked mostly on the firebase and Nlp part while my friend worked on the design aspect of the project powered by bootstrap.

Libraries used

Challenges we ran into

Trying the optical character recognition to work was quite challenging.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Showed it to some students and teachers, got very useful feedback, especially as we built the application very quickly there is a lot of room for improvement, with possibly some seed funding am pretty sure Smartquiz can be scaled to help millions of teachers and students worldwide.

What we learned

Learned how natural language processing techniques work.

What's next for SmartQuiz

Am pretty optimistic about the future of smartquiz based on the feedback that we got from teachers and students, in the coming weeks/month we planned to integrate a dashboard view for teachers to help them perform live real-time quizzes. we also plan to raise funding to pay the server bills and buy a custom domain.

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