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Starting this Monday at least small shops can finally open again in Germany. This will be a challenge because there are hygiene regulations to comply with, like distancing measures. Many of the bigger supermarket chains enforced this by hiring security companies. We want to make the queuing process a better experience both for shops and customers.

What it does

SmartQ helps people to find stores, supermarkets and co in times of long queues due to the heavy regulations made because of the coronavirus. Furthermore, the shop owner benefits from the use of SmartQ. With the integrated counting system, the owners of small or medium-sized shops get a useful managing system, to control and regulate the flow of persons into their facilities.

To achieve this, the security guard can simply sign up on our platform and update the number of people going in and out. Currently, this is implemented with a simple counter that can be comfortably used on a smartphone. A further solution is the option to allow customers to count themselves by providing a SmartQR code which can be scanned by entering customers. The portal keeps track of the number of people in the shop and in the queue and provides the security guard with important information on how to manage the queue.

All in all, SmartQ helps the people to manage their day more efficiently by estimating waiting times for mandatory activities such as shopping of groceries, and furthermore SmartQ supports shop owners in their duty to keep its customer safe and healthy.

What's next for SmartQueue

The current implementation of a counter, still relies on user input. In the future we are planning to enhance the service, by automated counting of people. Therefore, we can already think about the use of cameras and vision technology as well as motion sensors in the entries of shops.

Another point for future use could be to help system-relevant persons in their daily schedule. This can be made possible by allowing them to reservate a place in the desired store. This shall not end up in a two classes society, just helping our daily heros managing their grocery.

The data generated by the shops can be analyzed to give them useful insights about their customer traffic.

All in all, we as the team of SmartQ help to bring the people through these heavy times of the coronavirus. With these words in mind: STAY HEALTHY !

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