As college students, we are extremely busy with many activities, appointments, and commitments. Because of this, its hard to find time to fit in things like exercise and studying. We've tried using many different commercial planners, but none of them were able to help find time for everything. Unlike, other commercial planners, SmartPlanner plans when to do flexible events for you (exercising, studying) based around not only your appointments but also based on your own unique, personal preferences.

What it does

SmartPlanner lets users input all of there events in an easier to read calendar. This includes both one-time events and recurring events. Then, the user sets their preferences for what time of day (morning, afternoon, or night) they like to do their flexible events. Using these preferences, the SmartPlanner puts these flexible events into the user's calendar.

How we built it

We wrote the entire thing in Java and used Swing to create the user interface.

Challenges we ran into

We had very little experience with Front-End development or working with the Swing package. Learning how to use Swing was very challenging; we had to do a lot of research.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to finish our first Hackathon!!!!!

What we learned

We learned that coding something even as simple as a planner can be very challenging, especially given the 36 hour time constraint. We also learned a lot of new information about how to use Swing in java.

What's next for SmartPlanner

There are still a few bugs that need to be fixed, especially with the preference settings. Also, the user interface is extremely basic. We'd like to use something more advanced than Swing, so that we can create a more visually pleasing user experience. In the late future, we plan to create an app version of SmartPlaner.

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