The world has changed a lot since the '70s and '80s - phones are smart and cars are electric. However, one thing that hasn't changed very much is our everyday shopping experience in a store. We still head out and buy the first thing that sorta matches up with we came in looking 'cause that's the only thing we end up finding. This is followed up waiting in long lines to checkout or self-checkout. With our passion for technology and NCR's powerful APIs, we're here to finally end that.

What it does

Provides a next-generation shopping experience by offering speed and convenience. Customers can scan the bar code for any product in the shop and either add to the cart if that's exactly what they're looking for or explore similar and recommended from the store and compare them and their prices (something the both of us as college students who don't really care if we are drinking a $7 Hershey's bottle of chocolate milk of or a $2 Borden, we would find really useful). After adding items to the cart, they can instantly pay their total and skip the line!

How we built it

We followed an API first and community-sourced approach. The code runs on the backend infrastructure on the cloud so our users can access it anywhere and anytime. Additionally, we implemented code from various public libraries too. The backend was built using NCR's APIs and Java Spring and the front end was done in Android.

Challenges we ran into

Accurately scanning and passing barcodes and optimizing the process was challenging, and so was coming up with a way for categorizing products for the recommendation system.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Coming up with a barcode scanning process, implementing and EXPANDING on APIs, having all of the backend on the cloud, a good recommendation system, and a complete project as a 2 person team!

What we learned

Time flies by when you're having a great time!

What's next for SmartPayAR

Further optimizing the scanning and recommendation process and trying out other devices.

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