On our way to MHacks, we all noticed the confusions caused by scanning of QR codes at either the buses or at the main event. Long wait lines, they're everywhere, concerts, buses, trains, games etc. People today, living in these fast paced hectic times, struggle to find a way around them and inevitably end up wasting a lot of time. So what our app does is, it stops the wait for you and those around you. Instead of spamming you with mails sending you QR codes, we use your face as the ticket. So, no more wait lines, no more forgetting tickets, struggling to find appropriate mails, just the plain and simple face.

What it does

Smartpass uses facial and speech recognition to enable a simple photograph and a spoken keyword to be the entry pass of an individual. The confidence interval for facial recognition is at 80% which guarantees a complete match, below which the speech text recognition comes into play. The user while filling out the form for the ticket, is asked to upload a URL of a photo of themselves, their name and a keyword chosen by them for the speech text recognition. The applications of this range from public transportation to potentially even healthcare as it makes the process of recognition of an individual efficient and easier.

How we built it

Each of us took up a specific task: Daksh took up the Cognitive API services and backend dev, I worked on the front end HTML and CSS, Cassidy worked on iOS app dev, and Christopher worked on testing of speech and facial recognition, and decided on the decision boundary values based on the tests.

Challenges we ran into

  • Image conversion to send it through octet-stream
  • Deciding whether to make the API calls from JS or Python
  • Making HTTP requests to backend from iOS

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Everything about the project, because it's something completely new for each one of us. It is a way through which we are able to create an impact in society through something we love. And also because we're awesome and MHacks is awesome.

What we learned

Pretty much we everything did was new. Hence, each of us learned an entirely new field that we were unfamiliar with before. I for one had no coding experience prior to this and hence learnt to work on the front-end over these 36 hours.

What's next for Smartpass

Let's see if people liked our idea and if so then expand to include more sectors under smartpass.

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