It's a social cause for the general public. Spending hours searching for a vacant parking spot is simply a waste of time. It inspired us to work towards this project and do something for the society.

What it does

It helps the person find a vacant parking spot in a parking garage, or somewhere in the huge parking lot. It helps to save a lot of time for the person to find a vacant parking spot and navigate him/her directly to that particular spot.

How I built it

We created using the Qualcomm, Alexa, website, etc. We built it using the redbot inventors kit.

Challenges I ran into

To work open CV into dragonboard was the most difficult one we have gone through.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Doing good for the society through this project. This project will help save a lot of time to the public finding the parking spot in the highly crowded areas and tourist places.

What I learned

Working through a real-life problem and coming together as a team and looking for a better solution to the problem. We coded and implemented the problem for a social cause.

What's next for SmartPark

Scaling this project to cites and implementing it in the malls.

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