Parking tickets and fees are the bane of any metropolitan driver's existence. The task of navigating through downtown traffic is frustrating enough for drivers without the need to locate a viable parking spot and tussle with the parking meter on top of it all. This often results in confusion, creating outrageous fees and unexpected tickets for drivers. On the other side of the coin, maintaining and enforcing outdated parking meters is a nightmare for cities, one that manifests itself in millions of dollars worth of upkeep and legal fees. We want to streamline the process in order to both protect drivers from the struggle of downtown parking and help cities recoup the money lost through the outdated system of parking meters.

What it does

SmartPark is a service that ensures that drivers will never have to worry about confusing parking fees again, and that cities will never have to waste time, labor, and capital enforcing the outdated parking ticket system. SmartPark tracks how long a car stays at a paid parking spot, billing the driver for the exact amount once the driver pulls away. This eliminates the issues of overcharging for excess time put into the meter and accidentally overstaying the metered time and getting ticketed as a result. By replacing outdated systems such as the parking meter, SmartPark allows cities to operate more efficiently and better allocate their labor, allowing for more sustainable cities in the future.

How we built it

We used the SmartCar API to retrieve location data for the car, as well as track each specific car. We created a Standard Library API in order to facilitate communication between the smartcar app and the client-side app that tracks and bills each car on the system. The Standard Library API allows us to get location data from the cars to the client-side app, as well as bill the drivers through e-Transfer requests for the parking fees they're due, built using the Interac e-Transfer API.

Challenges we ran into

Integrating multiple API's proved to be quite challenging, we ran into many speed bumps trying to work SmartCar API and Interac e-Transfer into Standard Library. We stalled trying to transfer location data between out two apps using stdlib, luckily, the congestion cleared up and we managed to shift gears and go full speed ahead.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This was our first time creating and working with our own APIs, and we're very happy with how it turned out. We also managed to build two apps for different users that interact and build off of each other, which we're definitely proud of.

What we learned

While we come from different levels of proficiency, all of us learned something; whether it was learning build our own API, learning to build a react app, or learning to play smash ultimate, all of us definitely profited from this experience and will use our progress here to create bigger and better things in the future.

What's next for SmartPark

We hope to integrate SmartPark into a live BlockChain in the future in order to build off the smart contracts we're using, as well as improving its functionality to detect cars parked in fire lanes and other restricted areas. Revenue wise, we hope to either contract SmartPark to city governments and private parking lot owners.

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