It all started when I was working on my first startup "Voitulo" which is the first platform in Algeria for car rental between individuals. So, I thought about a way to make renters life easier using technology! here smartOpen came up to my mind

What it does

It is an electronic box implemented on the tenant cars so that you can open the car just using your smartphone

How I built it

We built a prototype on Leapfrog hackathon using a simple Arduino with GSM module and android react-native application

Challenges I ran into

The challenges we faced so far, were the lack of materials during the hackathon. Later, we faced legal issues in our country that made our manufacture paused the work.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Our project was one of the 10 ideas that have been selected to pitch at the finals.

What I learned

I learned new technologies like Arduino and I enhanced showcased my pitching skills during the finals.

What's next for SmartOpen

We are working with a lawyer to bring a warrant and start working for the first version of the product

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