Most notetaking apps provide nothing more than a container for notes -- they don't provide features to help students learn. SmartNotes is the notebook that writes back. There is valuable information in students' notes that we can utilize to provide them with helpful resources.

What it does

Features include easy math input, instant code execution in the cloud, Wolfram computational capabilities, link recommendations. SmartNotes analyzes the student's note to provide contexualized resources, and predicts what they will want to learn about next. Information is brought to the student rather than the student seeking it.

How I built it

Backend built with Flask/Postgres, frontend in AngularJS. We are using old code for the login system and base -- our focus for the hackathon was creating an intuitive notebook with the smart integrations such as Wolfram, code running, equations.

Challenges I ran into

Integrating all the features we want, such as the recommendation algorithms, and the Wolfram API.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Creating a product that provides distinct advantages over traditional note taking services. Tasks that were difficult, things as simple as inputing a math equation, are easier than ever.

What I learned

Integrating different frameworks and methods to create a cohesive and functional application.

What's next for SmartNotes

Keep adding features, fix existing features, get users, etc.

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