Imagine you are watching an amazing video, there is so much interesting information in it. You wanna write them down but you don't have time or you don't want to be distracted from the video. We invented SmartNote to fix both of those problems for you.

What it does

It allow the users to watch the video on the SmartNote web application and SmartNote will write down what you say to it. It help you to dictate your notes instead of writing them! #YourWelcome

How we built it

We built the web application using JavaScript and employed Nuance's powerful automated speech recognition (ASR) to translate your speech into text and with option users can also play back their text to speech using Nuance Text To Speech (tts).

Challenges we ran into

None, we're masters of coding. Nevermind we are kidding. We run into a few issues. First, none of us are good in JavaScript, we kinda learn it on spot. Second, we have problem with web socket. Third, we are unable to make text to speech well synchronize.

What we learned

We kinda learned JavaScript and Nuance mix NLU (even though we ended up not using NLU) .

Built With

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