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October Update!

We are really excited to be one of the finalist projects in this Alexa Conversations Hackathon and we have been working hard to deliver a bunch of nice new features for the skill, here is a list of them:

  • Gas consumption reports: Smartnest plus now can create gas reports, that makes the skill a great place to keep track of all home consumption.
  • More personal: The skill now offers a new more friendly and personal audio and video experience, you would feel like talking to a personal assistant that has useful reports about your home consumption.
  • Touch Interaction: the skill now supports touch events to give you the estimated costs of the selected consumption.
  • Report by devices: for the devices in your account you will be able to track which of them is consuming the most energy.
  • Report by rooms: for the rooms in your account you will be able to track which of them is consuming more energy.
  • Enriched Audio: now we mix Audio effects and Alexa emotions to the audio responses so it feels more natural.
  • Link account help: the skill now shows more detailed information about how the user can link the account.
  • Help command: The skill now offers a more complete help section where you can find all available commands
  • Bug Fixes: General bug fixes and improvements.

Thanks to Devpost team and thanks to Alexa team for this opportunity. We will continue to deliver more features in the future.

Wishing you all a great rest of the day.

Andres S.

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