Community Unleashed (Smart Neighborhood): Amanda, Mel, Jacob, Bretton, Josi, Mark


Our inspirations and aspirations start through the love and affinity for pets and animals in general. When we look into the eyes of each one of our friendly pets, we see their desire to be loved and coddled from anyone that would provide. Everyone should see the potential for the future for pets in the community and bringing together animal lovers for a connection and bond that will last forever. Our team hopes to inspire other individuals to connect not just on an animal bond level, but on a humane level through the love for animals.

What it does

Our team has created a revolutionary application and a website to match for user preference. First when a user logs into the application, they are introduced to our user-friendly UI. For our two platforms, you can navigate to the map section to register and create an event or activity. We have different alerts you can set like wanting to walk your dog with other lovers of dogs. We love the community which helps out tremendously if you lose your dog. You can post an alert if you lose your dog and this will alert of people that pass by and they will help you out in looking.

How we built it

We built these two exquisite technologies through the use of the web framework of html and bootstrap which is a framework of JavaScript. Our excellent development team built this IOS application with Xcode 9 and Swift 4. We have also used Carthage which is a decentralized dependency to build this visual work of art. To create our web application, we used the eclipse integrated development environment.

Challenges we ran into

Even the best groups run into some challenges when they try to create even the most innovative technologies. First, we found out that everyone in our group had totally different skillsets and almost no one had overlapping skills. We had to figure out a way to integrate everyone’s skillsets into the equation. Early on, our web developer had ran into some challenges of integrating JavaScript through into Bootstrap due to the lack of substantial knowledge of JavaScript. She prospered through sleep deprivation and exhaustion by learning JavaScript on site by staying up and pushing through this challenge. We can and will inspire many more to push through these challenges.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our group takes great pride in integrating connections in the world through the immersive space of technology. We have accomplished so much since the start of this great event and we hope to change the world. We are especially proud of the progress we have made starting with our IOS app. We pushed through challenges like our IOS developer having to learn Google map integration in a short time frame. We are extremely proud of our team adapting to these situations to push through.

What we learned

First, we have learned about the difficulties and advantages of working with a team. Even though everyone had totally different skillsets, we stayed engaged and asked many questions about the process in our group. Working with a team is extremely important in building our confidence and skill bases. Our group has also learned about adapting quick to certain situations. We a lot more about web development and the grueling process that we have to go through to achieve those goals.

What's next for Smart Neighborhood

For the next step with Community Unleashed, we would love to use not with just connecting through pets, but to prosper and further enhance the values. Community engagement is a powerful tool in empowering all ages and types of individuals in which they can come together and network and engage through animals. We would love to build our network of corporate partners and relations. We believe that St. Louis can be the pet building standard of the world and everyone can come together and create a better society forever!

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