Have you ever burnt your tongue trying to sip your coffee when it’s way too hot to drink? Or left it sitting on the counter only to pick it up later when it’s almost iced coffee? With the new SmartMug technology, you will receive an alert on your phone letting you know when your drink of choice has cooled to the ideal temperature, and if by mistake you attempt to take a sip before it’s ready, the mug will gently vibrate, warning you to put it back down.

The cup will have a temperature sensor to monitor when the coffee is ready. Using networking technology, a notification will the sent to the user’s phone when the coffee is at a drinkable temperature. The coffee mug will also incorporate an accelerometer that detects when the user is going to take a sip. If the accelerometer detects movement before the temperature sensor reading is at a certain maximum, the cup will vibrate, warning the user that the coffee is too hot.

Promo Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-UD_Lqq9Ls

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