The elderly often fall sick or obtain worsen syndromes from forgetting to take their medicine on time. We would like to somehow electronically remind them but we know that they don't check their phones regularly. Smart watches work nicely with the elderly since they are familiar with the idea of wearing watches. These watches will effectively remind them to take their medicine on time.

What it does

SmartMeds allow doctors to enter in the prescription for each patient online. Thanks to Firebase, the doctor has the freedom to adjust the prescription at any time and it would be updated on the patient's end of the UI. The smart watch of our choice, pebble, is connected to our android app, which syncs with the website. The doctor enters data such as the prescription dosage, medicine name, medicine production company name, dosage start time, period interval length and the total number of times the patient needs to take the medicine.

How I built it

This was built with Android Studio for the Android app; JavaScript for the Pebble app; JavaScript (AngularJS), HTML, CSS for the website; PHP, MVC and Laravel for the backend.

Challenges I ran into

The first challenge we ran into was getting all the apps and website to interact with each other. After hearing about Firebase during the Hack the North opening ceremonies, we went to the Firebase workshop and learned how to incorporate Firebase into our apps.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Brian - Being somewhat of a beginner at back-end programming, it was inspiring to see just how many things still needed to be learned, even on the front-end side of web development. Throughout the event I learned some Angular.JS, and learned more about how the front and back-end of websites communicate. Furthermore, I was proud that the work I did was incorporated into the final design of the website, and that I learned a lot through working with Kevin. I also networked with a lot of smart, and am inspired to keep learning!

What I learned

Brian - I learned some Angular.JS for the website, and worked on my HTML/CSS3/Bootstrap skills.

What's next for SmartMeds

To expand this project, we would like to work with pharmacies to do weekly or monthly medicine delivery to the patients' houses so it makes our users' lives even easier. Furthermore, we need to consider the issue of time zones in future iterations of this project.

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